Is your school AI-Ready?

Preparing Schools to be AI-Ready

EducationWeek posted an article called “Teachers Desperately Need AI Training. How Many Are Getting It?this week.

Below is a telling snapshot of the data presented in the article. 👇

Can I give you my honest 🌶️ hot take 🌶️ on the matter?

It’s not that decision makers don’t want to offer AI training to their staff, or that it isn’t a priority.

I truly believe a big part of it is that they simply don’t know where to start— or more importantly, who to turn to help them get started.

And let’s face it.

Teachers are not the only ones that should be in the know about AI.

Let me officially introduce you to Linkedin’s Top Educational Leadership Voice, Efraim Lerner. Efraim, educator and leadership consultant, is the founder of Br1ne Consulting.

His focus of expertise is helping schools, districts and their leaders prepare for an AI-Ready learning environment.

I have been working hand in hand with Efraim Lerner to create a comprehensive offering to schools- One that addresses the unique needs and goals of the schools as well as their individual stakeholders.

In Efraim’s own words…

“Having experienced consultants who came in with pre-packaged strategies and solutions I felt there was a deep disconnect from the culture, people and values of the organizations they served. Together with a team of educational leaders I started to work with schools to help them find the solutions that are culturally in tune to their people. With AI it’s no different. Instead of focusing on the technology, which can isolate those who it intends to serve, we support leaders to think through their own educational and operational goals and to see how AI and other solutions could support their goals and community success.”

From the EducationWeek article above, we gather that one hour training on AI for education really isn’t enough. It barely scratches the surface.

We tend to focus on the technology when we should be focusing on the way that the innovation impacts their most important aspect of their schools- their people.

This is why the combination of Efraim Learner expertise in Leadership & AI and training and application through my AI Learning Journeys for Teachers can lead to the transformation schools seek.

The transformation isn’t “learning about AI”, it’s about having ✨the confidence to innovate.✨

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Remember, you’re not alone in this. We are here for you!

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