Empowering Teachers with AI

Thrilled and humbled, I'm taking a moment to share something very close to my heart ❤️

Here is a letter of recommendation from a principal whose school staff participated in one of my professional development sessions on AI.

When I set out to create AI Learning Journeys for Teachers, I wanted to share the incredible potential of AI for educators and their students.

Below is the letter:

“I am writing this letter to extend our gratitude to Ms. Merissa Sadler-Holder for her exceptional presentation to the teachers at Duarte High School on January 22nd, 2024. Her insights and expertise in Artificial Intelligence and how it can leverage the learning in the classroom was enlightening and inspiring. The presentation was engaging and interactive. Teachers walked away with a much better understanding of AI and its practical applications in the classroom. Her willingness to follow up with individual, and or, groups of teachers to dive deeper is much appreciated. Her passion and knowledge of AI was obvious to all that attended and I would recommend her services to any school looking for ways to learn more about AI and the plethora of ways students and teachers could utilize it.”

This is not just a testament to a successful professional development session but a reflection of the open-mindedness and forward-thinking nature of the educators at Duarte High School in the Duarte Unified School District.

Their commitment to embracing new technologies for the betterment of their students' learning experiences is truly commendable.

If you’re interested in AI Learning Journeys for your staff, feel free to replay to this email. I will get your message!

We got this!


Christopher has been helping educators learn the power of AI in the Los Angeles region as the Assistant Director of Technology Innovation & Outreach for Los Angeles County Office of Education.

So get out there and “rock the vote” and show some love to those out there who make it their mission to empower educators like yourself!

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