Embedding AI Literacy into *ANY* Curriculum

I often share an anecdote about the need for AI Literacy for students during my professional development sessions for teachers. Here it is 👇

8 months ago I placed a poll on my LinkedIn network asking if they feel guilt or shame when using AI to complete a task that is a part of their job. Most of my network, comprised of educators, stated that they did feel some sort of shame or guilt (hint: it's because we often consider AI use cheating because that's what we tell our students).

But then a man, a CEO of a company and not in the educational sector, commented “Are you guys nuts? I won't hire anyone now who doesn't know how to use AI”.

This story underscores the reality beyond the educational sector—a reality where teachers bear the responsibility of preparing students to navigate it.

Because these aren't just students, these are ⚠your children⚠ that he is talking about, and their future. This week www.teachai.org was released by code.org to help educational institutions begin their work on teaching AI to students.

Based on that framework, as well as others, I have added on to the AI Learning Journeys for Teachers a session that covers easy steps teachers can take to integrate AI Literacy into any curriculum.

You can catch a preview of that session in the upcoming Ed3Dao's Futures Summit taking place this weekend online, April19th-21st.

My session will be on Saturday, 11:45-12:45 pm ET.

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