What is ChatGPT-4o? TL;DR inside!

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Ok besties, the news and updates keep coming in. Who else feels like they are on this rollercoaster?

Well, good thing we have AI to help us with AI. 😏

With OpenAI announcing the release of GPT-4o, educators like you are already diving into how this could impact education and the students we teach.

Watch the short explainer video on OpenAI’s “Hello GPT-4o” release page.

I decided to take a journey on the new 4o and ask it to compare itself with the current free version of ChatGPT 3.5 when applied to a K-12 Education context.

It gave me two charts, a side by side comparison of capabilities and areas of concerns and limitations when applying it to a K-12 context.

Dan Fitzpatrick focused on educators’ opinions about the release of GPT-4o in his newest article for Forbes. Check out their insights on how the tool could impact education.

I'm excited to hear your thoughts and in particular how educators could continue to innovate cautiously with the tool. Hit reply to this email and let me know!


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